Manage your licence and/or registration online

If you are an AMVIC-licensed business or salesperson, you should head to AMVIC’s new online portal to create a profile. You can no longer manage your licence or registration over the phone, fax, or mail.

If there are any changes to your company’s directors you must inform AMVIC. Please complete and submit a notification for change of Director’s form.

Maternity leave? Email to let us know in the event your registration lapses while you are off.

You may still visit AMVIC’s Edmonton office but you will only be able to access services through the AMVIC online portal available through a tablet in AMVIC’s reception. So please save yourself time and travel costs by managing your AMVIC licence or registration online.

Once you have access to the online portal you can:

  • sign up for or renew your salesperson registration
  • apply for or renew a business licence
  • register for the online salesperson Fair Trading Act course
  • complete the online salesperson Fair Trading Act course
  • make licence, registration and course payments by credit card or Interac debit (up to $5,000)
  • update your business and/or personal information
  • report and remit the sales levy by credit card or Interac debit (up to $5,000)

Q: How do I access the online portal?

You must set-up your automotive business and/or salesperson account. You will not be able to renew, access services, or receive licensing notices or information bulletins and newsletters from AMVIC until you do so.

The online salesperson Fair Trading Act course is now open to anyone who is interested in taking it. If you have started your salesperson registration application you can use the portal log in information you received via email. If you plan to become a salesperson but have not started your application, please start filling out your application to receive your log in details. Note: the registration fee is non-refundable so do not follow this process if you are unsure that you want to become a salesperson. If you are unsure about becoming a salesperson or you have no intention of becoming a salesperson but want to take the course please send an email to requesting access to the course. Be sure to include your first and last name, preferred email address and date of birth.

You will need a business or personal email address to utilize this service. If you do not have an email address, you can sign up for a free web-based email account through providers like Yahoo!, Gmail and Outlook.