Increased test drive thefts

DATE: | Industry bulletins

AMVIC is working with the Calgary Police Service to caution Alberta auto businesses about increased criminal activity in relation to test drives and key drop boxes.

The Calgary Police Service Auto Theft Resource Team have tracked increased auto thefts stemming from solo test drives from automotive sellers. An individual may pose as a customer who provides a driver’s licence containing fictitious details combined with a real photo. The individual may leave behind a set of keys allegedly belonging to the vehicle they arrived in, but once the individual has departed on the test drive, an accomplice will drive away in the vehicle they arrived in.

Trust your instincts and always do your due diligence. If a driver’s licence from a test drive appears fraudulent, or a customer is exhibiting suspicious behaviour around a test drive experience, please report it to the Calgary Police Service Auto Theft Resource Team.

Calgary Police are also reminding auto businesses to increase security procedures in relation to vehicle key drop offs. Several criminal groups in Calgary and area have been targeting auto key drop boxes in service bays or offices.