Former dealer of recreational vehicles faces 97 charges

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The Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council has charged Arnold Donszelmann of Leisure RV Rentals Ltd. in Millet, Alberta with 97 charges under the Criminal Code of Canada.

Donszelmann was arrested on Wednesday and is to appear in provincial court in Edmonton on Feb. 25, 2011.

“Leisure RV’s business licence was cancelled in November 2007. These charges come after a three year investigation involving 28 victims and potentially three million dollars in losses for consumers” said Bob Hamilton, Executive Director of the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council. “The charges involve alleged irregularities in the sale of recreational vehicles.”

Donszelmann is charged with:

  • 49 counts of fraud over $5,000 under Section 380(1)(a) of the Criminal Code; and
  • 48 counts of theft over $5,000 under Section 334(a) of the Criminal Code.

The Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council is delegated by the provincial government to regulate the automotive industry in Alberta. There are about 6,000 licensed motor vehicle businesses in the province and Peace Officers investigate over 1,500 consumer complaints every year.

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Bob Hamilton
Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council