Educate yourself on Service and Repair

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Quiz question:

It is an unfair practice to exceed a repair estimate by more than _______ to a maximum of _______ unless the customer gives expressed consent to the increase.

a. 20 per cent to a maximum of $200

b. 10 per cent to a maximum of $100

c. 10 per cent to a maximum of $1,000

d. 20 per cent to a maximum of $100

If you didn’t know the answer was b, you should look into AMVIC’s Service and Repair Course to learn more about the legislative laws that govern the industry.

AMVIC service and repair course

The breakdown:

  • Course fee is $40.
  • Takes approximately one hour to complete.
  • The course is voluntary.
  • Includes real life scenarios and laws that apply to the industry.
  • Practice quizzes to test your knowledge and understanding.
  • Certificate issued upon completion of the course.

AMVIC developed the online course for people who work in service and repair including service writers, autobody appraisers and anyone who deals directly with the public and takes direction as to a repair. Although intended for those in service and repair, anyone who is interested can access the course.


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