Drive away from fraud

DATE: | Consumer bulletins

An unbeatable price on a used car may be hard to walk away from, but during Fraud Prevention Month, Alberta’s automotive regulator is reminding consumers to think twice before signing a deal that sounds too good to be true.

March is National Fraud Prevention Month and AMVIC and the Competition Bureau’s Fraud Prevention Forum have tips and information on how to recognize, reject and report fraud.

“When consumers arm themselves with the knowledge on how to recognize fraud such as curbing, they can protect themselves from falling victim to that fraud,” Malcolm Knox, AMVIC CEO said.

AMVIC’s website has many topics on how to deal with fraud including unlicensed businesses like backyard mechanics and curbers. Prepare yourself for Fraud Prevention Month by reading up on:

“Fraud can take on many forms, from an illegal, unlicensed automotive business, to a vehicle with undisclosed damage, to even forged signatures and fake credit applications,” Knox said. “It is important that consumers trust their gut instinct and walk away from a deal if they feel uneasy.”

Visit to find more ways on how you can protect yourself and to report fraud.

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