The Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council (AMVIC) charges all licensed dealerships a levy on every vehicle they sell or lease to a consumer. The levy is $6.25 per vehicle.

Why does AMVIC charge a levy?

  • Revenues from business licences and salesperson registrations alone are insufficient to fund all the consumer protection activities AMVIC is delegated to provide.
  • AMVIC uses revenue from the levy to fund a Consumer Compensation Fund and to provide enhanced investigation and education programs.
  • The levy has been in place since July of 2010.
  • The Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council also charges dealers a levy on every vehicle they sell or lease.

Who pays the levy?

  • Dealers pay the levy to AMVIC.
  • Dealers can pass on the cost of the levy to their customers.
  • Since consumers benefit the most from the levy, it is appropriate that they contribute.
  • A dealer is required to show the levy as a separate line item on a sale or lease agreement.