Can you spot a backyard mechanic?

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All Alberta repair businesses must be licensed by AMVIC. This includes auto body shops, inspection facilities, brake and muffler shops, car starter installers and windshield tint and auto repair shops. Backyard mechanics are service and repair businesses illegally operating without the proper AMVIC licence. Here are three signs you might be dealing with a backyard … Read More

AMVIC improves consumer protection and ensures fair enforcement

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Edmonton— Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council (AMVIC) has hired for the positions of registrar, human resources manager and legal counsel, directly acting on recommendations outlined in the 2016 Report on Governance and Operations commissioned by Service Alberta and conducted by Management Consultant George Cuff. Brenda Chomey has joined AMVIC in the newly created position of … Read More

AMVIC’s 2016 – 2017 Annual Report highlights

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AMVIC’s 2016 – 2017 Annual Report highlights: Nearly $30 million returned to consumers by Alberta automotive businesses since 2001 through alternate dispute resolution facilitated by AMVIC (page 28). Conducted 459 total inspections on automotive businesses and identified 1,760 total concerns (page 23). A Lethbridge curber conviction leading to $3,900 of restitution for the victim (page … Read More

Misleading or false statements about extra fees

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Do you know the difference between mandatory and optional fees? If you hear any of the following statements, walk away and report the automotive business to AMVIC. “Yes, that’s the price plus these extra fees not mentioned in the ad.” In Alberta, all-in price advertising is the law. That means if a business advertises a … Read More

AMVIC lays 24 charges against former Edmonton business owner

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Edmonton— Alberta’s automotive regulator has charged Dalwinder Singh Dahele under the Criminal Code, Fair Trading Act and Traffic Safety Act, following an investigation stemming from multiple consumer complaints. Dahele, representative of Autobahn Outlet Ltd. and Autobahn Automotive Solutions Ltd., faces five charges for theft over $5,000, five charges for fraud over $5,000, 13 charges for unlicensed … Read More

Navigating consignment sales

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What is an automotive consignment business? A consignment business sells vehicles on behalf of consumers, as per a signed consignment agreement. Your relationship with an automotive consignment business can be as the consignor, the buyer or both. Consignor: You are selling your vehicle through a consignment business and have entered into an agreement with the … Read More

Drive away from fraud: recognize, reject and report

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Don’t let yourself or someone you know fall for fraud! Keep this information in mind before you shop for your next vehicle: Recognize: Before buying a vehicle be sure to research, ask questions and weigh the risks. If you choose to buy used you will want to take a few extra precautions first including: Confirm … Read More

Drive away from fraud: realistic fake businesses

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The business looks legitimate and even has a website and photos of vehicles. But could you still be dealing with an illegal, unlicensed business? Sometimes curbers a.k.a unlicensed sellers, appear to be operating from a legitimate looking business. Some curbers are so sophisticated in their scamming operations that they have elaborate websites with inventory photos … Read More

Drive away from fraud: beware of curbers

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It’s the second week of Fraud Prevention Month and this week we have tips on how to recognize the signs you may be dealing with a curber a.k.a an unlicensed, illegal seller. Automotive sales businesses in Alberta as well as service and repair, consignment, lease, wholesalers and agent/brokers are required by law to be licensed … Read More

Drive away from fraud: 2 good 2 be true

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It’s Fraud Prevention Month and AMVIC is sharing tips to help you recognize, reject and report fraud every week throughout March. This week it’s all about deals that seem too good to be true. Perhaps it’s a rock-bottom price? Maybe it’s a rare model? A number of curbers a.k.a illegal, unlicensed automotive businesses, target automotive … Read More