Be wary of false identity claims

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Edmonton — AMVIC, the regulator of the automotive industry in Alberta, is alerting consumers that a man in the Red Deer area may be falsely claiming to be connected to AMVIC.

AMVIC recently heard from a consumer who says a man provided her with bogus documents written on AMVIC letterhead. The documents included signatures from so-called AMVIC employees with fictional titles.

“These individuals do not, and have never worked for AMVIC,” John Bachinski, Executive Director of AMVIC said.

The consumer thought she was following up on a prior concern she had filed with AMVIC when really she was dealing with someone who had no authority to help her. The woman eventually called AMVIC directly and that’s when she learned she had been deceived.

What to do

  • Consumers are reminded to always contact AMVIC directly.
  • AMVIC correspondence is always delivered, or communicated, directly to the consumer, not through a third-party.
  • AMVIC investigators are peace officers and carry photo identification. They will identify themselves when they are working with consumers.
  • Contact AMVIC directly, 1-877-979-8100, if you have any concerns or want to confirm that the person you are dealing with is an AMVIC employee.
  • Never share personal information about you or your vehicle unless you are certain you are dealing with someone who has the authority to collect that information.

Media inquiries may be directed to:

Laura Lowe Manager of Communications and Education
Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council