All-in August: manufacturer ads

DATE: | Industry bulletins

Throughout the month of August, AMVIC will be sending out weekly tips and info related to advertising. This week is all about manufacturer ads!

Manufacturer ads follow federal advertising laws and are subject to the general consumer protection elements of the Fair Trading Act and can be investigated by Service Alberta. However, ads you may put out yourself for example in the local newspaper, radio, billboard etc., must follow the Automotive Business Regulation and are subject to AMVIC oversight.

“AMVIC does not have jurisdiction on manufacturer ads,” said Doug Lagore, interim CEO of AMVIC. “But once a manufacturer ad puts an AMVIC-licensee’s name on it, then it is expected that the licensee is able to deliver on all the promises of the ad, and the ad follow provincial legislation.”

“If the licensee cannot adhere to items or pricing offered in the ad, we recommend the business call the manufacturer immediately to remove their name off the ad. It is up to the licensee to ensure all advertisements that include the business’ name to be lawful and truthful.”

Here’s an example of a manufacturer ad vs. a local business ad:


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