AMVIC warns not to purchase extended warranties from unknown sources

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AMVIC warns not to purchase extended warranties from unknown sources

Edmonton…The Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council (AMVIC) is cautioning consumers about a company named Warranty Center that is trying to sell after-market vehicle warranties to Albertans.

“This company is not licensed to sell warranties in Alberta,” says Bob Hamilton, executive director of AMVIC.

Consumers are being contacted by a company representative advising that their vehicle warranty will expire in two days. The representative claims the information was provided by the manufacturer that provided the original warranty.

Consumers are then offered a five-year extended warranty for $175 and asked to provide a credit card number. The representative tells consumers they can contact Warranty Center at 1-877-914-7776.

Extended Warranty contracts on vehicles are considered to be insurance and are regulated under the Insurance Act. To confirm that the product you are considering is being offered by a licensed insurance company and a properly authorized Restricted Insurance agent please contact the Alberta Insurance Council at 1-800-461-3367.

“Do not purchase an extended warranty from any unknown source,” advises Hamilton. “We suggest consumers contact the dealer where they purchased the vehicle if they want to buy an extended warranty. Consumers can also contact AMVIC if they have questions about an extended warranty.”

AMVIC is responsible for administering and enforcing motor vehicle industry regulations under Alberta’s Fair Trading Act.