The AMVIC levy is $6.25, period.

DATE: | Industry bulletins

All automotive businesses in Alberta must remit $6.25 to AMVIC for every new or used vehicle they sell or lease. The AMVIC levy should never be represented as more than $6.25 for any reason. If your business chooses to pass on the levy to consumers, the levy should be included in the “all-in” price of an advertised vehicle.

While your automotive business is required to pay the levy per vehicle sold or leased to AMVIC, there is no requirement to pass it on to the consumer. The levy must not be misrepresented and AMVIC does not collect any administration fee, tax or any other fee adjacent, attached to or connected to the levy in any way. The levy is $6.25, period.

AMVIC expects all licensees to comply with Alberta’s consumer protection laws. If an automotive business is found to be charging more than $6.25 or misrepresenting the levy in any manner, AMVIC may take an enforcement action.

Revenue generated from the levy is used to support AMVIC in fulfilling responsibilities as delegated by the provincial government. This includes enhancing consumer protection by providing educational and investigation programs for industry and consumers which promote confidence in the motor vehicle industry.

More information regarding the levy can be found on our website.