Advertising lesson now online

DATE: | Industry bulletins

Industry has asked for access to the advertising lesson from the Salesperson Fair Trading Act course and AMVIC is now pleased to offer lesson four: advertising, at no cost.

The lesson and free practice quiz is now accessible 24/7 through AMVIC’s website.

Are you the owner of an automotive business, in charge of all marketing and advertising efforts, or are a salesperson who wants a refresher on the advertising laws that apply to Alberta’s automotive businesses? The advertising lesson covers the laws and regulations that apply to automotive advertisements and will help you improve compliance with advertising laws.

The lesson was a new addition to the mandatory Salesperson Fair Trading Act course when the course moved online in 2014. It is a vital addition to the course and covers:

  • The laws and regulations that apply specifically to automotive advertisements.
  • All-in pricing
  • What must be included in an ad that offers credit
  • Examples of compliant ads
  • Real life scenarios demonstrating how the advertising laws apply
  • …and much more!

View the advertising lesson and test your knowledge with the free practice quiz.

Test your knowledge:

Advertisers are defined in the Fair Trading Act as:

  1. A person who publishes, print, distributes, broadcasts or telecasts an advertisement on behalf of someone else.
  2. The business or salesperson that places the ad.

Answer and full quiz available here.