Advertising credit: we have the info you need

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Rolling out new ads? Before you publish, ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Do the ads offer credit?
  2. Do the ads state the interest rate or payment amount?

If you answered yes to either, then make sure those advertisements comply with the Cost of Credit Disclosure Regulation.

How can you be sure your ads comply with Alberta’s advertising laws? 

AMVIC offers a number of resources at to assist you:

  1. Practice quiz on advertising with credit:

Any ad that offers credit and states the interest rate and/or amount of payment, must also state the:

  1. term and GST
  2. APR and term
  3. GST and APR
  4. term, APR and GST

Answer and full quiz here

  1. Advertising Course: The advertising module from the Salesperson Fair Trading Act Course is now available online at no cost. Watch the video from the course and test your knowledge with the quiz that follows.

  1. The industry section of offers additional advertising resources including:
    1. examples of ads that comply and do not comply,
    2. an advertising checklist
    3. and guide to all advertising laws.

  1. Check out this industry bulletin from back in 2014 about advertising RVs with credit. The info still stands true today!

Visit for more helpful resources for your business