Keep your ads on the nice list

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Before you publish ads this holiday season, make sure you check this list to ensure your ads comply with Alberta’s advertising laws. A complete checklist of the advertising regulations can be found here.   Does AMVIC have more advertising resources available? AMVIC also offers module four: advertising from the Salesperson Fair Trading Act Course at … Read More

Volume 4 2017

DATE: | Impact Newsletter

In this issue: What happened at the Edmonton and Lethbridge stakeholder engagement sessions for industry. Details on page 1. Dealer gets a $14,000 fine for not following all-in pricing laws. More on page 2. The importance of completing registration documents correctly. Check out page 2. How to advertise using a window hanger. Find out how on page 3. Service & … Read More

Statement from AMVIC re: Bill 31

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“I want to thank Hon. McLean, Minister of Service Alberta, for her leadership and commitment to consumer protection in Alberta. The changes announced today, through Bill 31, A Better Deal for Consumers and Businesses Act, further support AMVIC’s mandate of consumer protection in the motor vehicle industry. Providing a fair marketplace for automotive consumers and … Read More

Check the shop before you check your tires

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Snow is here, which means you may be looking to winterize your vehicle by switching your tires for winter tires or installing a remote car starter.  Before you start shopping around for the best deals, make sure you check to see if the service and repair shop is AMVIC-licensed.   Benefits of dealing with a … Read More

Educate yourself on Service and Repair

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Quiz question: It is an unfair practice to exceed a repair estimate by more than _______ to a maximum of _______ unless the customer gives expressed consent to the increase. a. 20 per cent to a maximum of $200 b. 10 per cent to a maximum of $100 c. 10 per cent to a maximum … Read More

AMVIC finalizes Consumer Compensation Fund claims for Treadz

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Edmonton— Letters were sent out on Nov. 15 in regards to the final determination amounts from the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council’s (AMVIC) Consumer Compensation Fund in the Treadz Auto Group Inc. case. Fifty-one claims worth a total loss of $1,138,162 were received between Aug. 28, 2014 and Aug. 28, 2017 related to Treadz. As … Read More

Surprised by hidden costs?

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Did you see a dealer ad in the paper or online that stated a vehicle was for a certain price, but then you were told other fees were added on top of the advertised price? If so, contact AMVIC right away. All-in pricing is the law in Alberta. That means when an automotive business advertises … Read More

Four new public board members appointed to AMVIC

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Edmonton— Service Alberta has appointed four new public board members to the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council (AMVIC), bringing the total to 11 members. “These individuals each bring their own unique skills and experience that will strengthen and diversify the board overall,” said Doug Lagore, CEO. “AMVIC is excited to work with the board to … Read More

AMVIC impersonator attending automotive dealerships

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Edmonton— AMVIC is alerting all Alberta automotive businesses about an individual falsely claiming to be an AMVIC representative. AMVIC was recently notified by multiple licensees that they were targeted by an AMVIC impersonator. In one known instance, an individual attended an automotive business falsely claiming to be an inspector. Throughout the conversation, the individual changed … Read More